Advanced System Optimizer

Advanced System Optimizer - a excellent alternative for the maintenance of our equipment
Advanced System Optimizer (ASO) has automatic or one-click optimization. It includes an easy-to-configure programming option to prepare your machine for automatic optimization. A PC optimizer with a broad spectrum of features. Unfortunately, regardless of all the options, we feel that you never offered a special performance.

Advanced System Optimizer

Advanced System Optimizer Advanced System Optimizer (ASO) is a detailed PC optimizer. Novice users should carefully study the very informative help files. The only drawback of ASO is the lack of an Internet optimizer, which represents the reduction of half a point to 4.5 out of 5 stars. However, if you already have a very fast Internet connection, you will want to seriously consider extreme PC optimization from ASO. If you play many PC games with intensive graphics, the included game optimizer may be of interest to you. Extremely easy to use with just a few clicks, or you can delve into the wide selection of manual settings. Works with: Microsoft Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP
Compatible with all applicable versions of 32 and 64 bits above.

Advanced System Optimizer in-depth results

ASO is heavy on tools and utilities. The automatic function is a PC cleaner with the expected registry, spam and other file cleaning routines. Other functions that are not optimization include a file recovery function, a backup manager, and you can also securely encrypt and delete files, remove Internet tracks and protect your system from malware, etc. Next, we will look deeper into the characteristics of the true optimizer.
To the optimization. There is a registry defragment option to reduce the size of the registry, which helps to speed up Windows access to the registry. The Windows Optimizers tab is where the most interesting features are hidden.
The memory optimizer will erase the RAM memory of the PC, which will allow faster access to the data by its running programs. The Memory Optimizer has manual and automatic settings; although be careful, according to our experience, removing too much RAM can hamper some programs and even cause blockages and blockages.
The common problem corrector tab contains some very useful features. For those people with suspected errors that decrease the performance of the PC or cause other problems, there is the PC Fixer utility that will help you solve common PC problems. The System and Security Advisor has the Performance option to scan your PC for opportunities to increase speed. The Tune-up option refers to adjusting your CPU optimization through critical threads and level 2 cache configuration

Advanced features of the System Optimizer:

• Smart PC care
• One-click solution
• Game Optimizer
• Play games in a riot-free environment
• Driver Updater
• Update the antiquated and necessary drivers
• System guard Protection against malware, spyware, trojans
• PC fixer -Solve common problems instantly
• Disk Optimizer - Defrag your hard drive and get optimized performance
• Recover -Recover accidentally deleted data
• Secure Encryptor -Password protect your personal files
• Cleaner Registry - Clean registry errors Registry
• Optimizer - Defragment the registry for better performance
• System - cleaner cleans up junk data and frees disk space
• Disk Explorer -Show disk usage by files and folders
• Uninstall Manager - Delete unnecessary programs Memory
• optimizer - Free allocated memory not used for better use
• Privacy Protector - Clean hidden privacy by exposing traces
• Secure Delete - Permanently delete private data
• Disk tools - Verify disks at startup
• System and security advisor - Fine-tuning system configuration
• Duplicate Files Remover
• Delete unnecessary programs from the start

It also offers alternatives in the security tab to be able to backup our drivers or create system restore points. Finally, in the tab of this section we can find utilities to find duplicate files uninstall programs or applications, manage programs that run at the start of Windows, or offer us complete system information, among other options.
There is a free version of this program that has all the features we have discussed, but if you also want more functionality or more alternatives in the configuration we must go to the paid version. This version allows us to define the optimization according to different team profiles, be it basic, to play or to act as a server, for example. It also performs a cleaning or search of problems in greater detail. The paid version costs just over 12 Euros.

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